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Who We Are

We met in 2010 while working at PB Boulangerie and Bistro in Cape Cod.  In addition to becoming fast friends we discovered a shared passion for bread and dreamed of one day opening a bakehouse of our own.  It was during a vacation to NYC that we discovered and fell in love with Park Slope.   Armed with over 20 years of experience in the baking industry, extensive knowledge of wild yeast starters and our traditional French training we are ready to fill the hungry stomachs and hearts of Park Slope and beyond.   

A loaf of bread starts with 3 simple ingredients: flour, water and salt.  The baker then mixes these into a soft, supple, sexy dough.  This dough is then folded, fermented, shaped and baked.  Time, temperature and a myriad of other environmental factors all work to influence the outcome of the final loaf.  Every dough is slightly different than the dough that was mixed the day before.  No two ovens bake exactly the same way. Every bakehouse has a unique ecosystem of Microorganisms that effect how the sourdough ferments. Our goal is to  produce consistently beautiful, wholesome and soul satisfying bread.  The process is time and labor intensive.  In the end, a loaf of bread is more than the sum of its parts. It's the result of patience, dedication and passion.  We spend the majority of our time working hard at a job we love.  The only thing more rewarding than baking a beautiful loaf of bread is sharing it with our friends and family.  At Simple Loaf we want to be a part of your family everyday whether it's a slice of toast in the morning or a baguette at the dinner table. We bake from the heart and we hope our bread finds a place in yours.  

What We Do

picture of the owners on the brooklyn bridge

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